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6 responses to “Learn From the Gmail Fiasco: You Need Redundant Copies of Your Email–Don’t Worry, It’s Painless :-)”

  1. Sean Reiser

    I do 1 with an addition. I have my mail client mapped to save my messages in my dropbox folder so it gets backed up offsite automagically.

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  3. PGYx

    Is there a simple way to add all my existing Gmail data to a second Gmail account or is an e-mail client the only way to easily back up old data? I have thousands of messages from the past several years that I’d be disappointed to lose.

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    […] Google takes care of that.. (?).  They do – and when they goof big time, like in the case of 500k “lost” email accounts, they will no doubt fix it.  If you are the only one in trouble (in fact it could very well be […]