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6 responses to “Google’s FeedBurner Social Isn’t Quite Ready. Back to TwitterFeed – for Now.”

  1. Bug Spotted in Feedburner Socialize Twitter Integration | Feedburner Bugs

    [..] If you have started to use Feedburner Socialize, here is something that could cause potential problems and piss your followers off. The service has its share of problems. According toZoli, Feedburner will tweet your posts multiple times if you make edits to them, no matter how minor they are. This can be a real problem if you tend to make updates to posts after they have been published. [..]

  2. Steve

    Zoli – we found the issue that is causing the multiple posts when feeds are updated. It was a special case in your type of feed when guid=permalink. This has been fixed, and is being pushed to our servers globally, which unfortunately is not a quick process. Expect it to be live in a couple days.

  3. Zoli Erdos


    That was fast, thanks – looking forward to trying it again in a few days :-)

  4. Zoli Erdos


    Apparently it’s only partially fixed. Editing a previously published post no longer tweets, which is good, but the initial post still gets tweeted twice, tweeted twice…

  5. danrodney

    Sorry for the confusion, Zoli — the fix in question wasn’t pushed out to our production servers until this evening. If you try one more time, you should find that your items will only get posted once.

  6. Lantrix

    A year on, and it’s still flaky over at feedburner. I tried to link an account with twitter and it failed. Then I read this:

    And they still have the same problems:

    So thanks for the idea of Twitterfeed. It’s just what I needed!