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2 responses to “iPhone vs. Droid”

  1. GraemeThickins

    agree — I surely didn’t call it an iPhone alternative when I wrote this post back on Nov 2:
    “An iPhone Fanboy Reviews the Droid”

  2. drizzler

    The droid is not for dumbies…..iphone is….iphones simplicity attracts the average user…..the iphone 2g users r leaving the iphone and going to android devices because they appeal more to them because apple has been lazy….stupid….and unrealistic about features on the phone…..twice as fast apple?…try running 2, 3 apps at once….ur ass will be back to the 2g stages where u could hardly load a page……and don’t forget flash player 10.1 coming to palm…win dows and android….apple said no to it because they don’t wanna cry defeat because their quicktime player isn’t compatible with 99% of the websites….good going apple…..pretty soon apple will be back in the 90’s ……in last place again