6 responses to “What is Really Holding the Cloud Back?”

  1. Josh Duncan


    Great post and thanks for the link to our Structure recap.

    Couldn’t agree more that an open and interoperable is the path to accelerating the cloud evolution!



  2. Robert Cathey

    The greatest periods of innovation and value creation in the industry have been spawned by open source or standards. Captive technologies rely on an ecosystem with a fatally small gene pool.

    Nice post.

  3. Raejeanne Skillern

    Nicely said Robert. I will save this and quote you in the future!

  4. Robert Cathey

    Thanks. I work with the guys at Cloudscaling.com, and they’re pretty passionate about open source.

  5. Richard

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing the issue.

  6. Hoffman Cloud Consulting Blog » Is Security Really the Main Issue Stifling Cloud Growth?

    […] Raejeanne Skillern, Director of Cloud Marketing for Intel, articulated the problem well in a guest post on Cloud Ave: “IT end users …want the benefit of meaningful innovation from multiple vendors with a foundation of interoperability for easier integration, simplified management, and reduced costs. No matter how good technology is, most people don’t like to feel completely locked in to one solution or vendor. Interoperability isn’t about standardizing on one hypervisor or type of server, but allowing management across multiple hypervisors and heterogeneous environments. It’s not about the industry standardizing on one API, but about enabling compatibility and portability between environments. […]