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3 responses to “1984”

  1. 1984 or Panopticon | TechWag

    [..] Zoli Erdos over atCloud Avenue brings up an interesting point about USA search and seizure of electronic systems at the border, there is always a way around any restriction put in place. What makes this always interesting is that with the modern cloud computing environment, all you really need is a computer to act as your interface to the cloud, and store all the important stuff either on corporate sponsored systems or in Zoho or Google docs if you think your stuff even stands a remote chance of being confiscated or intercepted for any reason. [..]

  2. Dan Morrill

    Sorry, but not that I disagree, but that the sheer number of people, and the sheer number of unsecured crossing points into the USA makes the TSA policy meaningless. Plus storing everything into the cloud, upload before you go, DHS ends up with nothing. Work with Zoho or Google docs, DHS gets nothing. This is going to totally be the easiest thing to bypass ever.

  3. Roland Hesz

    Fear always give birth to the same futile, useless ideas.

    And as we see, governments never learn, even from the mistakes they have been flogging for years. Remember? When the “commies” did the searching it was an outrage. Now of course it is not.
    Mindboggling. :)