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Currently the Evangelist for Zoho. Has been with the company for 10 years. Prior to Zoho, Raju co-founded a company serving the education market. The opinions expressed on this site are his own and do not represent those of Zoho.

3 responses to “Android is Like Linux: Excites Geeks, Not End Users”

  1. doppelganger

    For someone who’s website UI is so crappy, you have a lot to say about UI!

  2. Bookmarks von 23 August 2009 bis 24 August 2009 | Herr Pfleger

    [..] Android is Like Linux: Excites Geeks, Not End Users [..]

  3. Gabriel

    I wonder how this “author” feels now that his evaluation has been proven ultra wrong since android now dominates the market LOL