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4 responses to “Google Reader Gets Improvements, but Offline is Ignored Again”

  1. Ewen

    Have you looked at NewsGator FeedDemon? It now syncs with Google reader and can be used as an offline reader –

  2. Paul Michaud

    You raise a good point here, and one that comes up again and again with SaaS applications. Its not sufficient to only be able to use the app when online. You need to be able to work offline as well. This raises issues about data synchronization, which in the case of Google Reader should be very easy, but in the case of more complex apps (god forbid the data is writable by more than one person :-D ) it gets a lot more complicated.

    This should be an easy fix for Google. Hopefully they will hear the message.

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    [..] So I was reading anarticle  recently about the latest Google Reader and how it still can’t be used offline with full features. In particular the article focuses on its inability to allow you to read articles offline  and then flag those articles as already read, such that when you get back online Google Reader doesn’t present them to you again, which is a waste of time. [..]