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    [..] I have also had anotherguest postup at CloudAve, relating to the communications outage we had here in Northern Australia last week.  In future, I will be linking more to my other guest postings etc. from here. [..]

  2. kinlane

    I agree…very scary stuff. It becomes harder and harder to be a cloud advocate with these types of outages.

    I guess these types of outages bring attention to this situation though.

    We need more auditing of data center and fiber connectivity and build in redundancy through fiber rings and between data centers.

    We need this within countries and between countries.

  3. More major Internet and Data Center Outage

    [..] Was just reading this post about amajor Australian Internet outagethat left the entire top end of the country without telephone, internet or mobile communications for about 10 hours. [..]