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Currently the Evangelist for Zoho. Has been with the company for 10 years. Prior to Zoho, Raju co-founded a company serving the education market. The opinions expressed on this site are his own and do not represent those of Zoho.

4 responses to “Will Cloud Apps kill the VPN Market?”

  1. Nic Wise

    I dont think the cloud will kill the VPN at all. The cloud negates the need for VPN in most cases, but it’s still useful, eg if you happen to have a very private app running on (eg) EC2, why not put a OpenVPN server infront – then you have (almost) unlimited bandwidth and processing, and it’s “secure”.

    Personally, I think certificate-based SSL authentication is more likely to get a big foothold. SSL is nice and secure (duh!), and the addition of client certs allows for the authentication without it being public.

    Now, if the browser makers could make it a load easier to grok for users….. :)

    I think they will go away more, but not die… the same as cloud will not be 100% of the market ever….

  2. Krishnan Subramanian

    Yeah. Some companies are using VPNCubed kind of perimeter security systems to “secure” their servers on the Cloud.

  3. Cloud Computing vs. VPN « VPN Haus

    [..] , wrote a post titled,Will Cloud Apps kill the VPN Market? Raju argues that the need / usage of VPNs are declining due to the availability of cloud applications, especially with more small and medium businesses adopting such methods. Although there is some appeal with not having a firewall or investing a great deal with security solutions, there are some implications to consider before switching to cloud. [..]

  4. Sergio

    Maybe the VPN was already killed by the UTM (unified threat management)?

    my 2 cents