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Co-Founder and CEO of EchoSign from inception through tens of millions in cash-flow positive SaaS revenue and acquisition by Adobe Systems Inc. Jason then served as Vice President, Web Services at Adobe, where EchoSign was named the most successful acquisition of 2011-12, posting 199% YoY growth.

2 responses to “How to Get From 1.0 Launch to Traction in SaaS”

  1. Apptegic (@apptegic)

    Startups are a very risky business. SaaS business models take a lot of time and resources to become profitable. The scale necessary is only achieved with team-wide dedication, a great idea, solid technical skills and a dash of luck. Fearless passion and customer communication are also two pillars for success. Fortunately for Apptegic, we were able to get a solid core team working remotely and we were accepted into the Mass Challenge accelerator program over a year ago. We hope to see programs like that spread far and wide and it was invaluable for all the startups involved.

  2. Converting Content-Audience Fit to Product Traction : Enterprise Irregulars

    […] Jason Lemkin has a new post out about gaining traction after your product ships.  He says it’s hard, much harder than building the 1.0 product which was already hard, and he makes some concrete suggestions on how to go about gaining traction: […]