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7 responses to “Is Windows Live Still Alive?”

  1. Is Windows Live Still Alive? | DeveloperZen

    [..] Originallypublished on Cloud Avenue. [..]

  2. Wallace

    Microsoft recently began migrating all of the Groups to, a social network that claimed 10 million members before the migration.

    Yahoo’s social network; Yahoo 360 lost many members to Multiply over the last year, as yahoo pursued a similar plan that simply sucked…

  3. Harold Shaw

    I tried using live for a couple of weeks, but it just didn’t work for me, went back to blogger, Twitter and Facebook. Like you say it is observatory not participatory. too bad, but Live is what is.


  4. Microsoft Can Clone Twitter… So? | DeveloperZen

    [..] And yet, its mostly following the pack with its online offering pretty stagnant. Last time it tried anything like that was Live Home with its Facebook\FriendFeed like functionality and that’spretty much dead… [..]

  5. Microsoft Can Clone Twitter?! | MisrIT Reader

    [..] lity and that’s&#32&#112&#114etty much dead… [..]

  6. Microsoft Can Clone Twitter?! | MisrIT Reader (Beta)

    [..] lity and that’s&#32&#112&#114etty much dead… [..]

  7. Andrew.C.Lam

    Hey I have been using Windows Live’s E-mail account with their local-based Windows Live Mail software. It’s pretty clean and ccol.

    Windows Skydrive’s free 25GB of online storage space is plenty for my essential photo & document backups. Not recommended as the only backup source, but one more wouldn’t hurt.

    Personally I don’t think the is all that great….but we’ll see.