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8 responses to “TeamWork Project Manager – Review”

  1. Dan

    Hi Espen,

    Thank you so much for reviewing Teamwork Project Manager! We have a massive amount of additions to make to the application and I am going to address some of the issues highlighted in your review in the next few updates.


  2. Diwant Vaidya

    I would be interested to see how this will grow since this company will be accepting feature requests (vs 37Signals who does not). I think that difference positions it well.

    Good review, very honest.

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  5. EPM Software

    it is good move by The website has great small screenshots which explain bits of the core functionality in TeamWork.

  6. Project Management Templates

    unique feature of Teamwork is Risk Register where you can post potential problems for the project. For each potential problem you can assign it a priority. This feature helps team members and clients watch out for potential snafus that can derail a project.

  7. Elia

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    THX 8), Elia.

  8. tarch

    Any updates on this product. It looks to have improved since this article. I’ve used and like Basecamp, but their lowest offering is now $24/mo…out of my reach at this point. Teamwork seems like a very viable alternative. Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.