8 responses to “Sandy Gets the Sack”

  1. samj

    I too was intrigued by Sandy. We interviewed her but were worried about her level of commitment – a concern that was apparently well founded.

    I’ve added a specific point about ‘Notice’ under the ‘Legal’ section of the Cloud Computing Bill of Rights which addresses this issue.


  2. samj

    Oh, and it’s great to see fellow Aussies getting involved in cloud computing.


  3. Zoli Erdos

    Great points, Devan – this is really about way more than Sandy. Here’s a telling comment from GetSatisfaction:

    2 weeks notice? Are you kidding me? And, what, you’re relying on people to stumble across this notification on this one website, while the Sandy emails say nothing (and you’re still accepting sign-ups).
    Look, Sandy is/was a great service, but as someone who caries a “CEO” title, your customer relationship skills need some polish… sad I’m mad as hell

  4. Devan

    Thanks Sam & Zoli, It will be interesting to see what Twitter does with Sandy. Then again, this is the company that canned SMS integration with their service in Europe, Australia, and more recently Canada, with scant regard for their user base so I am not holding my breath!


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