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3 responses to “Does Firefox Generate Bogus Crash Reports?”

  1. Asa Dotzler

    It sounds like you’re experiencing crashes on shutdown. These kinds of crashes on close can be the result of something going wrong writing out your data (bookmarks, cookies, history, etc.) or from a plug-in like Flash not wanting to exit cleanly.

    If you type about:crashes in your address bar and hit enter, it will let you inspect those reports.

  2. Zoli Erdos

    Yes, I see those reports, but they are for programmers, not the average user.

    What’s interesting is these crash reports started about the same time on different computers, so I guess either the latest Ffox update, or a plug-in update may be the culprit.

  3. Browser Market Share: Google Chrome Usage Jumped Amongst Blog Readers | CloudAve

    [..] , the lead may be quite short-lived, the next FireFox release, 3.1 with Tracemonkey turned on (off by default in the current beta) beats Chrome’s performance.  Personally I’m not sure I will wait for it – Firefox is my favorite, I do think I can’t live without some of the plug-ins, but the fact that it is still a memory-hog, and the recent round ofunexplained crashesmy just drive me to the Chrome camp.  But forget me, let’s see some reader stats. [..]