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3 responses to “Trust the Cloud, but Have a Backup Plan. Google Lockouts are not Fun.”

  1. Updated Guide to Importing All Your Archive Email Into Gmail | CloudAve

    [..] [..]

  2. Gmail is now my only mail repository | bitful

    [..] If Google loses your email, closes/locks your account, or the service is simply down, you will have no way to retrieve your messages. If that scares you, you might want tokeep your Gmail account in sync with Zoho(painlessly via POP mail). [..]

  3. Lee

    Yep, I use Zoho to get my Google mail as well.

    As an aside:
    Google has taken over some services like email at some universities, with each student having a gmail account. I have not read of any lock-outs at these places. Has anyone? Just curious.