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Publisher / Editor @ CloudAve and Enterprise Irregulars. Industry Observer, Blogger, Startup Advisor, Program Chair @ SVASE (Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs). In his "prior life" spent 15 years immersed in the business of Enterprise Software, at management positions with SAP, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG and the like.

3 responses to “Would You Spend Your Lunch Money on a Web 2.0 Service?”

  1. Time Tracking & Invoicing Software Blog » Blog Archive » Lunch money for a web 2.0 service?

    [..] I’ve came across a interesting article by Zoli Erdos titledWould You Spend Your Lunch Money on a Web 2.0 Service?It contains a couple of points that are very similar to = ‘Your last request is still being processed. Please wait a while …';
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    [..] .  I’ve already saidI’d pay a buck or two, if that’s what it took to keep twitter alive – although it’s unlikely they would charge consumers.  And of course there’s always the classic exit: get acquired. [..]

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    [..] Would You Spend Your Lunch Money on a Web 2.0 Service?  –  I asked in October as part of a recession-related series.  The key point was that software startups to [..]