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Cloud Computing Evangelist, Blogger and Lecturer at Ofir has extensive experience helping ISV companies with cloud adoption and management. Today, Ofir is a Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist at Newvem. Prior to this Ofir led ClickSoftware's On-Demand initiative and established the company cloud offering. He also held several positions at Zarathustra - SaaS development, including the company CEO.
The thoughts are his own and don’t represent anyone or anything he is currently associated with.

One response to “MadeiraCloud Raises $1.5M From Sequoia Capital To Help Cloud Users Better Deploy Their Cloud Diagrams”

  1. 5 Amazon AWS Cloud Deployment and Management Tools | I am OnDemand

    […] MadeiraCloud, a new cloud management player. MadeiraCloud’s unique and interesting cloud management service enables drag and drop tools to allow users quickly and easily design, provision, manage and monitor cloud infrastructure resources. The company also announced full support for Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). […]