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VP of Products for cloud platform provider Apprenda overseeing overall product strategy, roadmap and market execution. Previously ten years leading Microsoft’s virtualization and datacenter management products as a Principal Group Program Manager on the core engineering team. In this role, Rakesh had a front row seat in the evolution of the modern datacenter and its ongoing journey to what we now call cloud. Passionate about all things cloud related, Rakesh has deep expertise and experience building products for enterprise customers. He advises a variety of cloud startups and is actively engaged in the enterprise technology community in the NYC area where he is based.

5 responses to “You Can’t Automate Your Way to the Cloud”

  1. john golke

    great article Rakesh.

  2. Richard Muirhead (@richardmuirhead)

    Hi Rakesh…I take your point that automation is necessary but not sufficient to achieve ‘cloud like’ levels of industrialisation in IT. For sure standardisation, codification, best practice of all the building blocks is needed too. However you omit to mention another key element: organisational redesign. Perhaps the hardest and most significant shift. Best RIchard.

  3. Alex

    I think it is important to make any technology migration in small steps and then analyze before you make your next step. This ensures that you minimize your risks.