Guest Post Policy

As CloudAve has become increasingly popular in the past years, we’ve been inundated with a flood of guest post offers, until finally we’ve decided: why not? We’re opening up the flood gates. Well, to some extent. This is a test program, both in terms of process and technology, so please bear with us.

If you think you have relevant, original content of value to our readers and have the writing chops, by all means, give it a try. What’s relevant? Well, If you’ve read hundreds of the articles here, you don’t have to ask – and if you haven’t, perhaps you’re not ready to post here yet…

A few guidelines:

  • Your post should be original, never published before or after appearance at CloudAve.
  • It should represent substantial subject matter knowledge. We value substance more then perfectly word-smithed fluffy, content-free writing.
  • Ideally you should have a track record of previously published work online.
  • Any third-party material (text, images, quotes..etc) should be properly attributed to – in that respect we expect you to link liberally. However, no more than two links to your own homepage, bio..etc.
  • Definitely no affiliate links, keyword-stuffed anchor text and other forms of SEO manipulation.
  • Overall, your post should not be self-promotional (needless to say, no product pitches, please). However, feel free to ad a one-line mini-bio with backlink at the end of your post.
  • You agree your post will be subject to the terms of our Creative Commons Licence.
  • Your post will be reviewed by CloudAve Editors and we reserve the right to publish or reject it. We are not able to provide explanation for rejected posts – generally if your post does not appear @ CloudAve within a week of submission, you are free to publish it elsewhere.
  • This is the only channel to submit guest posts to CloudAve, so please don’t bomb us with emails. We can’t review abstracts or provide any form of preliminary guidance.
  • Finally, a word to marketers: we absolutely reject any form of paid post, link exchanges, any sort of promotions, so please don’t even try.  This program is not for you.

Now, all that said, if you feel you’re up to it, please use the Guest Post Submission Form.