4 responses to “Rethinking the Technology & IT Analyst Industry”

  1. Jon Arnold

    Nice article, Zia, and you touch on some important issues. There’s a lot more to explore here, especially how social media gives everyone a platform to be an “expert”. It’s all about credibility and trust, two intangibles that are hard to establish in a virtual world.

    I’ve been an indie analyst now for 6 years (4 years prior at Frost & Sullivan), so these challenges are pretty familiar. It’s a hard road to follow, but the big analyst firms have their share of issues too. I’ve been writing about these things for a while now, and agree that focusing on startups is one of the better ways to carve out a niche.

  2. Duncan Chapple

    Zia, I think your comments flow from your own experiences as a supply-side executive, needing deep insight into industry futures. That is not the mainstream customer for the analyst industry. As a result, while a niche could develop along the lines you suggest, the overall shape of the analyst industry will change as much over the next decade as it did over the last. The existing business model of the analyst firms is far from broken, as can be seen by the rocketing share price of Gartner and the strong M&A market.