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Director, OpenShift Strategy at Red Hat. Founder of Rishidot Research, a research community focused on services world. His focus is on Platform Services, Infrastructure and the role of Open Source in the services era. Krish has been writing @ CloudAve from its inception and had also been part of GigaOm Pro Analyst Group. The opinions expressed here are his own and are neither representative of his employer, Red Hat, nor CloudAve, nor its sponsors.

One response to “Google Apps Shapes Up Nicely In Spite Of Noise Around City Of LA Bungling”

  1. Major Plonquer

    Lets see if I’ve got this straight. According to LA, Google’s software is slow, crap and insecure. Nothing for Google to worry about there then. None of it is Google’s fault. And China still isn’t a big market.

    The single biggest achievement for Google is they’ve managed to make Microsoft look good. No, great.