Dan Morrill works in Interactive Media and Cloud delivery systems for Comics Forge as the COO. He has been blogging since 2003 covering different emerging technologies, management and information security. Dan works as a founding member of a number of startups, including Startup Academy International and Dead Tree Comics. His interests are in intellectual property protection, piracy, and information security as it applies to cloud computing. He also has a deep interest in media, mobile computing, and education.. His personal blog is here,  his other pro-blog is here .

2 responses to “Please let there be another internet bubble because this time I won’t screw it up”

  1. Greg Leman

    The mistake people made in the last bubble was that they raised VC money with the expectation that the next round would be just as easy. They didn’t build businesses that could survive without the next rounds of capital.

    The lesson to take is that it’s ok to take money as long as in each round you come out the other end with a business that is cash flow positive. When the music stops you’ll have a chair.

  2. dan

    Greg, honestly right now I am thanking everything that so far I have not taken VC Money, gives me a better chance to grow at a pace I can manage and learn from. Keeps my failures from killing the company, nor can anyone do something weird with it. Although with the way that commodities is going right now, we may be headed back into a recession.