6 responses to “33 Selected Blogs about Innovation, Project Management and 2.0: Vote for the Best!”

  1. Eric D Brown

    Wow – thanks for including my blog on this list.

    There’s some great stuff here…some i’ve not run across before.

  2. rbendis

    another to add is the innovationDAILY blog/newsletter which can be found on the http://www.innovationamerica.us website.
    it features 10 to 15 Innovation related articles on Innovation, globally, every day , 7 days a week.

  3. Sidharth

    hello, this may be relevant to the readers.

    The Marathon List of Project Management & Collaboration Tools


  4. Elizabeth

    Hi Andrew, thanks for including me on this list! There are some great bloggers here. It would be a bit awkward to vote for myself for the inclusion in your top 10, so I would put forward Better Projects, which I have read for ages, and VoPM. Although all the blogs by the PMI New Media Council members – Raven, Dave G, Cornelius and Josh are fab.

    You haven’t included Stepping into Project Management by Soma on your list (http://www.steppingintopm.com/). I have enjoyed reading her blog and meeting her this year, and I think for newbie project managers she has a lot to say.

  5. jbarnett

    Hi – another great blog offering free articles for project management, is http://blog.projectmanager.com/

  6. Conrado

    Andrew, thank you for including the PM Podcast on the list and thank you to Elizabeth for mentioning us as well. We would just like to inform you that the new URL for the Project Management Podcast is http://www.project-management-podcast.com

    If Andrew can have the link on the list above changed, that would be great!