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12 responses to “Why Isn’t There a Reliable Pay-As-You-Go Internet Fax Service?”

  1. Axel Schultze

    Wow – yeah FAX – I hardly remember. Wasn’t that the stuff that replaced Telex? I haven’t touched a fax machine since exactly 3 years – the last time it was December 2006. Our old Fax is actually in a box the server room. It was kind of odd in the first year but today – we just don’t miss it at all. Scanner & email that’s it. Even the IRS is cool with it these days 😉 So come on, let go. If somebody says “It has to be a FAX” just tell ’em I don’t have a FAX. I know it is hard when it is a customer but if they ask send me a Telex?


  2. samaparicio

    Zoli, I’m quite happy with Pamfax. It has the kind of transactional pricing that makes it a good fit for personal use. –Sam

  3. rthomas

    In France we have it
    Fax number is free with a .com or .fr domain
    You can send 10 fax free/day
    You can also have a voip SIP “land line” for 1 Euro/month, outbound call are unlimited.

    OVH is the first hosting company in France (and I don’t work for it). OVH First objective is good technology for good price, not money.

  4. Alan Miller

    Just to note one slight inaccuracy – MaxEmail actually does have a plan that’s $24/year, but you’ll have a fax number in the 815 area code which is northern Illinois away from Chicago.
    The main drawback is that that account doesn’t include caller ID, for which they’ll ding you another $24/year.

  5. red900

    Correction, MaxEmail is $24/qtr, $85/yr

  6. email fax

    @Axel: I haven’t tried using a fax machine also. 😀

    That’s why it’s really good to know that there’s still fax message sending/receiving over the internet which I believe it’s faster and safer. I can always rely on it since I’ve started using it.

  7. sreejath – pay per use for transmit only accounts. 7c for 1st page, 5 for each subsequent page. Have been using them and am happy with them so far. Customer support is based in PA and seems to know what they are talking about.
    I combine this with a free eFax receive only account.

  8. web fax service

    Who says there’s none? I believe there are still few who remain quality service for their customers.

    Never thought that the internet world allow sending fax document as easy as sending an email. That’s really amazing to think, right?

  9. Internet Faxing Services

    In the future you will only able to see faxes on museums.

  10. B. Wendover

    The last time I needed to fax from home, as the fax button on my PSC2210 no longer works, was 2009 and I used Pay Per Fax. Today I need to fax and Pay Per Fax is down until Monday ;( However, it is better than the others I checked out. I don’t need to receive faxes. I send faxes very seldom and don’t need a monthly or yearly plan. I can pay with PayPal at Pay Per Fax. In ’09 I paid $1.15 for the fax I sent.

  11. B. Wendover

    Pay Per Fax also accepts .tiff, so I can send a scanned document!!