2 responses to “The Future of Presentations and Dynamic Content”

  1. bwarrene

    Right on point – the next level of presentations is a more fluid and integrated platform where the ideas can come from sketches, images, audio and video as well as traditional text.

    The ability to generate one presentation and optimize for multiple mediums and delivery and the metrics. Attach Creative Commons to allow folks to interact and carry on with your content….

  2. direwolff

    while i’d challenge how it will be until presentations can assemble themselves, i’m totally bought in on the presentation lifecycle you state (“from creation, to management, to collaboration, to metrics”). as a startup it’s important to know if you’re making an impact w/your presentations, and while i can get this sort of feedback fm my web site, my presentations are more important at this stage. combine that w/the collaboration hassles, and you’ve nailed it.

    thanks for the post.