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4 responses to “Brand vs. Quality. Which Would You Pay For?”

  1. Mr Paul

    I agree that HP quality stinks. One of my laptops is part of that 25%; a video failure (I presume from heat). HP was miserable to deal with. And it never got resolved.

    I have a different take on your photo though. HP deserves credit for being the only company that didn’t overpackage their product! Look at all the wasted material in the others. Amazon isn’t so bad – it is the standard MS packaging, and it looks like its just cardboard plus shrinkwrap. But Sony uses a stupid plastic box – what will you do with it? What a waste.

  2. Leo Davidson

    What’s the source of your figures? Who collected them? How was the data collected? When was it collected?

    That chart could be about computers from 1870, considering a scratch as a malfunction, and compiled by one of the companies it makes look best, for all I can tell from the information on this page. 🙂

  3. Zoli Erdos

    Lee, thanks for pointing out that I forgot the links to the study. Updated the post now.