David heads up D2C, a consulting firm which provides business and social media consulting as well as advising on Cloud based solutions for accounting, content, collaboration, and web publishing. He is Chair of the UK's Intellect Software as a Service Group, a director of EuroCloud UK, on the governance board of the Cloud Industry Forum and a regular speaker at social media and Cloud Computing events including chairing London's Cloud Computing World Forum in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He has been appointed to the governance board of the Cloud Industry Forum. David organizes London Wiki Wednesdays, was one of the founders of CreativeCoffee Club and was part of the team that started Amplified (the Network of Networks). LinkedIn TwitterFacebook

2 responses to “Does AccountingWEB get SaaS?”

  1. John Stokdyk

    There has been a lot of tosh written about the AccountingWEB’s stance on Cloud computing and while I take on board some of the points you’ve raised David, I’m disappointed that you’re helping to spread some of the misrepresentations that have been made.

    As you can see slearly on AccountingWEB.co.uk/advertise, we have a registered membership of 90,000 UK accountants, plus links to our US sister site and eight other online communities reaching 600,000 professionals – including the specialist industry site BusinessCloud9.com.

    I can assure you we do get the Cloud and we are comfortable and confident about being able to provide a forum for both vendors to discuss the merits or otherwise of the approach. We are a true online community and that’s what we’ve been doing for more than a decade.

    You mention Richard Messik’s intervention at the Softworld panel debate. That was the true reason we decided to set up our fringe meeting – because it was clear the industry was not finding the right language and benefits-focused concepts to attract the interest of our members.

    Our intention for the fringe session was to give suppliers an opportunity to find out where the barriers were and what marketing approaches would work best with UK accountants. There were flaws inn the process, but we invited accountants who were interested in the concept, but not committed yet – the sort of people who are the industry’s prime prospects within the accountancy profession. We wanted to present a forum in which the industry would listen to them and their concerns for once, rather than try to sell in the same old way. It was designed as a learning experience for participants, and while it may have made for a depressing couple of hours, the session achieved what we set out for it.

    Our mistakes on the day included trying to be too wide-ranging and perhaps having too many people in the room desperate to speak at once. Because we have strong links to our members, we anticipate being able to continue the dialogue with Cloud accounting providers.

    We know our members well enough to realise that they will not pursue a particular technological strategy because we tell them to. Instead, we offer them unbiased information they can discuss in their own time and terms on the site. Technology vendors have also shown their support through the years for this community-focused approach and we hope they will continue to do so.

    Meanwhile, everyone here can catch up with the debate in our Cloud accounting discussion group.
    John Stokdyk, Technology editor, AccountingWEB.co.uk

  2. David Terrar

    Hi John,
    Many thanks for responding. I take issue with you suggesting I’m helping spread misrepresentations. Please tell me which and I’ll correct, but I don’t see it.

    It’s good to see you taking on board some of the points, and the latest additions of new topic threads in the discussion groups will certainly help. I still stand by my assertion that the AccountingWEB writers are reporting and following what is going on. I’m going to carry on pushing for more analysis and thought leadership, because I believe your membership/readership deserves it. I realize you have a problem with my friend in Spain. He has a certain way with words, but you shouldn’t take his comments so personally – he doesn’t mean them that way. I don’t believe you get the same from me, but happy to respond.

    On the fringe event that triggered my post, I still believe it was an opportunity lost. I got value out of it, but it could have been so much better. I think a follow on event is essential.

    Hey Zoli,
    In the article can you correct the 63,000 to 90,000 please. I was remembering old numbers from a few years ago.