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2x startup Founder & CEO who has gone to the Dark Side of VC. His first company, BuildOnline was sold in 2005, his second, Koral was acquired by and became known as Salesforce Content, while Mark served as VP Product Management. In 2007 Mark joined GRP Partners in 2007 as a General Partner.  He focuses on early-stage technology companies, usually looking at Series A investment, and blogs at the aptly titled Both Sides of the Table.

One response to “9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month”

  1. Susan Haimet

    As I was reading your article the envy of startups that have raised a lot of money hit home and the thought came to my mind, “They can’t make 9 babies but with all that money they can buy them.”. Ok, I admit, that’s the jealousy talking. Your article really hit home in many ways. We were too early for the market for a long time as reflected in this is a direct quote from a large wall street corp. “your product is very intriguing but we’re not ready yet”. We did evaluations, and pilot projects, got feedback, and went through the loop as fast as possible with early adopters to enrich the product. Moving to the cloud we ran into the same kind of feature creep that you describe above. We learned a lot along the way. And here we go again, we’ll soon be launching v3 in April as a lean startup. Luckily this time the market is ready.