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Strategic Consultant with HYPE Innovation, helping enterprises get more value from their innovation programs. Firm believer in the concept of jobs-to-be-done, which stresses the importance of understanding customers' wants and needs. Also sports a 2:57 marathon PR. Dad to two awesome kids.

2 responses to “The Four Quadrants of Innovation: Disruptive vs Incremental”

  1. Jo Jordan

    If you flip your diagram, it will be consistent with other 2×2.

    Turn it 90degrees counter clockwise then do a horizontal flip- then your purple will be top left.

    Consistent with slow fast feedback horizontally and important – not so important vertically. Sports/jobs Top right squash/american policing (one to one,gung ho), Bottom right (soccer typical consumer industries, team play), Bottom left (jogging, accounting, slow but sure), top right (golf/education/civil engineering long game and deeply professional decisions.