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EVP Sales of MindTouch. Mark has advised many start ups including a social networking site that was sold to Barry Diller's IAC.  Before joining MindTouch, Mark led global sales efforts as an Executive Vice President for a publicly traded company, headed sales efforts for a technology division of AT Kearney and EDS, and served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a Singapore based corporation. Mark blogs at Seek Omega

4 responses to “Enterprise 2.0 Strategy Matrix – A Guide for Internal Champions”

  1. ldayharrison
  2. Mark Fidelman

    Thanks Linda. I’ll continue to post information in an easy to digest format. It’s harder than it looks 🙂

  3. BabblewareInc

    Two quick comments:

    1) You won’t find cost savings sufficient to overcome the aversion your cubicle dweller is going to have to tell the boss to look it up themselves.

    2) Your How-to guide lacks a time line. Though it is framed like an Enterprise 1.0 project I suspect the time line should be no more than 2 weeks elapsed time.

    okay three points:

    3) Enterprise 2.0 solutions include communication, operations and competitive advantage components with much less value to be found in the cubicles than on the concrete and pavement where the product/service is made, delivered or serviced….cubicle dwellers…I’ve heard they are social animals.

  4. Mark Fidelman


    1. LOL, I like your optimism. 🙂

    2. Yes the irony of framing it as an Enterprise 1.0 solution didn’t escape me. Yet I need to speak to the unconverted.

    3. Strategic enterprise solution decisions are made in the office not the streets. When that changes, I’ll retool this post.

    Thanks for the comments.