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EVP Sales of MindTouch. Mark has advised many start ups including a social networking site that was sold to Barry Diller's IAC.  Before joining MindTouch, Mark led global sales efforts as an Executive Vice President for a publicly traded company, headed sales efforts for a technology division of AT Kearney and EDS, and served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a Singapore based corporation. Mark blogs at Seek Omega

4 responses to “Enterprise 2.0 Strategy Matrix – A Guide for Internal Champions”

  1. ldayharrison


    Thank you for this organized and systematic format. Who wouldn’t love a matrix. So easy and clear. It is profound to see the various steps that may have been glossed over. Makes me want to go back and retrace some steps now. Shortcuts are not always a good thing.

    [email protected]

  2. Mark Fidelman

    Thanks Linda. I’ll continue to post information in an easy to digest format. It’s harder than it looks 🙂

  3. BabblewareInc

    Two quick comments:

    1) You won’t find cost savings sufficient to overcome the aversion your cubicle dweller is going to have to tell the boss to look it up themselves.

    2) Your How-to guide lacks a time line. Though it is framed like an Enterprise 1.0 project I suspect the time line should be no more than 2 weeks elapsed time.

    okay three points:

    3) Enterprise 2.0 solutions include communication, operations and competitive advantage components with much less value to be found in the cubicles than on the concrete and pavement where the product/service is made, delivered or serviced….cubicle dwellers…I’ve heard they are social animals.

  4. Mark Fidelman


    1. LOL, I like your optimism. 🙂

    2. Yes the irony of framing it as an Enterprise 1.0 solution didn’t escape me. Yet I need to speak to the unconverted.

    3. Strategic enterprise solution decisions are made in the office not the streets. When that changes, I’ll retool this post.

    Thanks for the comments.