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2x startup Founder & CEO who has gone to the Dark Side of VC. His first company, BuildOnline was sold in 2005, his second, Koral was acquired by and became known as Salesforce Content, while Mark served as VP Product Management. In 2007 Mark joined GRP Partners in 2007 as a General Partner.  He focuses on early-stage technology companies, usually looking at Series A investment, and blogs at the aptly titled Both Sides of the Table.

One response to “Save Your Spin for Someone Who Cares”

  1. Ric

    I like what you have to say here. Nicely put! But I also think PR is forgetting the fragmentation of the message as this unwittingly underscores. Being a long time PR pro that is in social network dev now, its interesting to see how the message has many more target ears and influence then ever. Your example shows how the entrepreneur didnt understand the difference between his VC message and business circle message. I find it endlessly fascinating that few of the these brilliant start up types get that. Solis does but I can almost see so many giving his blog the old dog head tilt. Thanks again.