3 responses to “E-mail Is Dead…Long Live E-mail! From Enterprise2Open”

  1. Gary Colet

    Thanks Andrew – a good dose of realism here. I would add ‘asynchronous’ to the list of email’s positive features.

  2. dav_t25

    Interesting presentation making some really good points. It would be interesting to hear questions that were raised from the audience following this presentation and responses given. What was the general consensus form the audiences perspective?

  3. Andrew Filev


    By the way, Wave tries to provide both asynchronous and synchronous _features_, but I’d say that _experience_ and _usage_ is still asynchronous.

    I wish I knew. The E2Open ran out before we knew it, so I didn’t even have the time to walk through all my key points:-) I hope I get more time next time. I’ll submit a paper for E2.0 conference in Boston, and everybody is more than welcome to vote for it. I’d be happy to leave time for a big Q&A, so we can turn the session into a live discussion.