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Publisher / Editor @ CloudAve and Enterprise Irregulars. Industry Observer, Blogger, Startup Advisor, Program Chair @ SVASE (Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs). In his "prior life" spent 15 years immersed in the business of Enterprise Software, at management positions with SAP, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG and the like.

4 responses to “Don Dodge Dumps Microsoft After it Dumps Him”

  1. Ben Kepes

    Zoli… I read Don’s original post and came away with a bad taste in my mouth. Sure Google is more exciting and all but it does seem a little unusual to instantly drop all those MS products for Google ones…. doesn’t seem overly authentic to me….


  2. krishnan

    I agree Ben. He could have stopped with informing about his decision to join Google. The move from MS products to Google products looks a bit amateurish. All the reasons he has given are there for the past 3 years or so.

  3. Zoli Erdos

    I guess it’s one of two things:

    A: Don is switching out of loyalty to new employer
    B: He has long wanted to switch but did not, out of loyalty to old employer.

    C: He just tried it now and realized what he’s been missing all this time.

    Yeah, I know, this was three 🙂

  4. Zoli Erdos

    Fake Steve Jobs chimes in 🙂