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2 responses to “Conspiracy Theory: the Vista-ization of Windows 7 has Started…”

  1. Adron

    There is a bit of sick truth to the whole idea. Windows 7 in the office is actually getting our entire development team (of hard core leading .NET Programmers) to actually encourage and help management find reasons to buy us Mac Book Pros to work on. The simple fact is, it’s better to do .NET Development on a Mac Book or a Linux Machine now than it is to do so on a Windows Machine. Just a few observations:

    Linux & OS-X boot much faster than Windows, any version of Windows.

    Linux & OS-X run services faster, have .NET support via Mono which is actually faster and more efficient, and can run Windows in a safe virtual environment. If Windows breaks, just roll back to the backup/saved point of the virtual machine running Windows. All is ok again.

    .NET has Silverlight support on both OSs, which ironically often allow Silverlight Apps to run faster than under IE (any version) on Windows.

    The other things that keep pulling people away from .NET; Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Sinatra, and other services and stack elements run much easier on Linux or OS-X.

    Simply, both Linux & OS-X run flawlessly in comparison to Windows.

    The Internet runs on Linux, rarely on Windows, and a massive number of developers use OS-X these days to build sites and applications for use on the Internet.

    Did I mention, the cloud exists today because of open source technology. In large part, no more like a MASSIVE contribution to cloud technology, has been solely Linux and the various *nix variants. Windows has played no part in the development of this amazing technology and only now do they even contribute after years of sitting on the sidelines.

    So yeah, conspiracy or not, the cards are stacked against Microsoft these days. They need to really focus and raise the bar even higher if they intend to stay in the game! 🙂

  2. ceez

    you know I did notice all those exact same problems when I installed sp1 on win7 ultimate. I have a low end MSI laptop with an icore3, 128gig ssd and 8gigs of ram. It will not go to sleep and get a black screen so I have to hard boot. random crashes and have gotten stuck on a few updates. nothing a delete of the SoftwareDistribution folder cant fix.

    good conspiracy theory. ruin your winning software and sell the next best thing. as long as they dont start updating cars that are only two years old then we will be fine.