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Director, OpenShift Strategy at Red Hat. Founder of Rishidot Research, a research community focused on services world. His focus is on Platform Services, Infrastructure and the role of Open Source in the services era. Krish has been writing @ CloudAve from its inception and had also been part of GigaOm Pro Analyst Group. The opinions expressed here are his own and are neither representative of his employer, Red Hat, nor CloudAve, nor its sponsors.

23 responses to “Why I Cancelled My Google Apps Premier Account”

  1. nc

    Totally agree with you. I’m sure there is some logical reason for charging for all accounts in the domain, but doesn’t mean it’s right. 😉

    I actually haven’t taken the plunge to Google Apps for my email because of similar small missing things – IE, an easy way to add another domain to the account with slightly different mail accounts.

  2. rvbieniek

    Let me see if I understand:
    With another service, I can have two email addresses under the same account name (i.e. I pay ONE price but can have up to 10 email addresses).

    Is this possible with Google mail? And, can I access one of my other addresses without logging back in?

    Thank you!

  3. Rodrigo

    If spam is not a problem itself, what’s the problem with use you main address with catch all? If you want organization, you can use a label with a simple rule…

  4. Krish

    As I explained in my post, I use an unique email address for every site I register. Creating a filter for every one of these address is a pain (if I want to organize it properly). Plus, your response doesn’t justify the restrictions of Google Apps Premier Edition. You are just suggesting a workaround and the main point of my post is not about a work around.

  5. Martijn

    Make a rule to forward all mail not addressed to your account to your other email address.

  6. Injux

    You lay out your apparently well-considered reasoning for upgrading to Premier but then you go on a tirade because you have to pay another $50 for a second account? I guess $50 isn’t “peanuts” afterall. Definitely not “silly or amateurish”.

  7. Mister Peabody

    Agreed! I’m not the only person who set up on email address for primary communications, and another for mail lists! I don’t care to pay for Premier for the mail lists address!

    * Waits for Google to read this excellent posting and revise policy *

    * Considers forwarding mail list email box/alias to another domain, but I have such an extensive list of filters/labels! *

  8. Dr Evil

    I know this can be done, because it works for me. I have a standard Google Apps account with several free e-mail addresses. I have a single e-mail account in a Premier Google Apps account. Any incoming junk (catch-all) mail to my Premier accounts gets routed to my standard Google Catch-all account. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out why it works in this manner. Actually, I wanted my incoming junk mail routed to my single Premier Account (as suggested by Krish), but the Premier catch-all setting does not seem to work. I get an invalid account when I try to enter my premier e-mail account name.

  9. dave562

    I had similar concerns. I have a network of about 100 users. We’re a non-profit. We have about 10-15 catchall email boxes setup for PR/Marketing, Volunteers, Sales, etc. Each one of those accounts was going to be an extra $50

    1. indy_sheila

      For non-profits, you may be able to get the education edition, which is similar to the premier edition except it has less storage (7.5 GB rather than 25 GB/user) and it’s free for 503 (c) organizations, schools, and the like.

  10. Justin

    Try using the “nicknames” under “manage account > users”. That allows you to use many different nicknames that can all forward to one account.

  11. rickatnight11

    @Justin: You’re a non-profit with < 3,000 don't have to pay anything. Google will give you the Google Apps for Education service for free.

  12. mova

    absolutely agree. i think its a totally WRONG marketing strategy for google.

  13. Mateo

    I heard that the standard google aps is free and you get 50 email accounts. Is this correct?
    So if I get the premier account and we are a team of let’s say 20 I can also provide free email accounts using my domain to my team?

    What is this user thing that is $50? Does this mean that if I get an email address for one my team members I’ll have to pay $50 per person?

  14. The Doctor

    Humph; interesting point re: catch all.

    I don’t have a Premier account, but would question if it’s possible to use the standard Gmail hidden “feature” of using “” on Gmail’s hosted/free/premier services.

    Then, “usernames” filters could forward all mail fr that address to whever, Gmail or not.

    I’ll have to sign up for the free edition & test it. You should try as well.

    — The Doctor

  15. Krish

    Not all sites allow a + in the email address. Thatz why I didn’t use it.

  16. Zoli Erdos

    In fact more and more sites that used to allow the + format shut it off. I guess they realized it was a way to filter them out and our fighting back 🙁

  17. Fale

    The reason of this ‘none or all policy’ is very easy: google apps pro runs on a different environment. In fact, Google give different priorities (in the case of crush of some of their datacenter) to Apps users and Pro Apps users. that’s why 😉

  18. Ruben

    Yeah, it really is a bummer. it is resolvable using subdomains:

    but that’s more of an infrastructural change, and it would make more sense to just be able to pick and choose who you want as premier and who you don’t

  19. Elijah

    i want to remove my google email account. i wish u could help me.
    please guys i think u can.


  20. Dave Amphlett

    Just to explain the counterpoint to your concerns, I run a small business and happily pay the $50 a year for each premier account. I work with many many small business owners and am continually stunned that people feel $50 is too expensive to ensure your ability to send and receive email, and to maintain your email archive. My understanding is that goggles ‘free’ service is just that – a free service that they offer with very little guarantee. On several occasions when the free Google apps have been ‘down’ my Google premier apps keeps running fine.

    Free email is clearly the way to go if your ability to send and receive email isn’t worth $50 a year per account. For my business – it would cost us significantly more than that if I were unable to use email for a day or two. I’m happy to pay for a business relationship with a company that provides such an excellent service. I’m happy to pay for my google accounts to run on what I presume to be more resilient, better monitored and maintained infrastructure. And so I’m not at all surprised that one can’t mix-and-match within a google apps between premier and standard.

  21. Olin


    A technical question, is there way to revert back to a standard package if one upgrades it to a premium?


  22. Bhavesh Gudhka

    I agree with Krishnan. They must have flexi plan for SME, SMB who needs few premium account and rest with standard features, Or at least they must offer more storage at extra cost.
    If a company with say 30 users where only CEO and couple of more people need premium features but rest need standard features. And 2 or 3 in marketing need standard feature but more space to store their emails.

    I hope google with think on this and make both features available soon.