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EVP Sales of MindTouch. Mark has advised many start ups including a social networking site that was sold to Barry Diller's IAC.  Before joining MindTouch, Mark led global sales efforts as an Executive Vice President for a publicly traded company, headed sales efforts for a technology division of AT Kearney and EDS, and served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a Singapore based corporation. Mark blogs at Seek Omega

4 responses to “The Quest For a Personalized Enterprise Dashboard”

  1. Robert Dempsey

    Great post Mark. Dashboards are a great way to see tons of information at a glance. I do agree that the tools need to be customizable to each worker, as many times each person needs to see different information, and people learn things different ways. So for some a spreadsheet-like UI might work, and for those like me charts are best. Getting the right information to the right people to make the best decisions is always the goal.

  2. rasmus

    Great post.
    Not sure any of the vendors you list actually offers the real-time view which I agree is important.

    Sharepoint and MindTouch by themselves are collaboration platforms and do not not provide analytics (to my knowledge) but you can obviously use them as a portals and embed analytics portlets inside a Sharepoint or MindTouch portal. But creating analytics portlets must be done with some other tool.

    Jasper and Pentaho are excellent BI tools but hardly real-time as they are both datawarehouse based tools. It means that you first need to upload your data from your existing data sources (e.g. and then load them into these tools. Only then can you run the analysis. Uploading (and later syncronizing) data can take anything from hours to days. And if you want to analyze data across multiple data sources, you may have to wait for many days.

    youcalc ( offers true real-time analytics and lets you either create the real-time dashboards in youcalc or embed youcalc analytics apps inside dashboard frameworks like Sharepoint, iGoogle, dashboards, etc.

    No data upload is required – when you run youcalc is connects real-time to your data sources (any and multiple data sources simultaneously if that is needed) queries the data sources and analyzes the data sets – all real-time.

  3. Mark Fidelman

    Rasmus, I am not an expert on Pentaho or Jaspersoft, but I can confidently tell you that both MindTouch and SharePoint 2010 have real time analytics capability out of the box.

    Let me rephrase part of that 🙂 I basing the SharePoint 2010 assumption on what has been announced.

    I am really interested in youcalc, please send me a message @markfidelman

  4. Charles Rosendorf has a dashboard that can chart and compare hundreds of business performances – on your dates – in one screen.
    Marketmesa consists of two modules: 1. Database – named Stocks, 2. Charts – named Charts.

    Since Marketmesa Stocks was originally designed for the Stock Market, native data is accepted from Worden’s TC2000 Stock Market programs. Non-native format data can be converted to native format data using an ETL – Extract, Transform and Load module included in the /File/Get External Data function of Microsoft Access or through other 3rd party ETLs found with internet Search. Many of these data formatting programs can be automated for each data source.

    Whether it be stock market, business key performance indicators or other entities to be compared, Marketmesa merges data from multiple sources and can automate to import at pre-determined times.
    Once the data is imported, hundreds of entities can be compared at the same time in numeric reports and 2D and 3D charts. 3D charts are particularly good at comparing hundreds at the same time.

    Charles Rosendorf – Founder,
    *** Your World At A Glance ***