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Strategic Consultant with HYPE Innovation, helping enterprises get more value from their innovation programs. Firm believer in the concept of jobs-to-be-done, which stresses the importance of understanding customers' wants and needs. Also sports a 2:57 marathon PR. Dad to two awesome kids.

One response to “Innovation ROI – Why Every Enterprise 2.0-Enabled Connection Counts”

  1. robertdempsey

    Thanks for the post Hutch. It seems to me that the concept is rather intuitive. The more people I connect with and talk to, the more ideas I can generate. Essentially I need to get out of my bubble in order to let in fresh information and see things from a new perspective.

    Have you seen any studies done that show the impact of corporate culture on these activities? I’m going to guess that the more innovative companies foster these connections between employees, and provide tools that can help enable and enhance those connections as well.