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Director, OpenShift Strategy at Red Hat. Founder of Rishidot Research, a research community focused on services world. His focus is on Platform Services, Infrastructure and the role of Open Source in the services era. Krish has been writing @ CloudAve from its inception and had also been part of GigaOm Pro Analyst Group. The opinions expressed here are his own and are neither representative of his employer, Red Hat, nor CloudAve, nor its sponsors.

3 responses to “Addressbook As A Platform, The Way A Contact Manager Should Be”

  1. Zoli Erdos

    “A central platform from which the users can interact, socialize and, even, do business with their contacts” – isn’t that what Plaxo attempted to become?

  2. Krish

    Yeah, but not as a part of our mobile phones.

  3. na

    Android 2.0 Highlights – one of the big ones is a Contact Manager / Address Book
    See here for more info