2 responses to “SaaS and the Art of Subscription Billing: An Inquiry into the Heartbeat of Your Business”

  1. Smith

    Whose challenge is this ? Marketing team is coming up with innovative price plans, Sales is aggressive in acquiring customers, Technical team is provisioning services, Customer is availing every option of service extensively but end of the month, usage metering , calculation and invoicing !…..How do we do this? Is this a concern for every cloud computing provider ?

    To have competitive edge and sustain in the cloud market place, cloud service providers are flexible in terms of their services, price plans or pricing structure which introduced the concept of Pay Per Use (PPU). But, one must not ignore the pains of a cloud service provider in tracking, collating and calculating the usage of each and every customer, applying respective rate plan, and generating a bill.

  2. colin8ch

    Thanks for your post, subscription billing can become very complicated. I think one of the most common mistakes in startups in the SaaS and web app environment is to try to tackle subscription billing in-house and spend their resources on the complexities of recurring payments, supporting their users payments issues and getting distracted with edge cases.