2 responses to “E2.0, Productivity and Joblessness”

  1. Susan Scrupski

    [This post is easier on the eyes over here, Eric. :-)]

    Although I agree with what you’ve written here, I don’t believe e20’s main benefit to the enterprise is increased productivity. It’s more aligned to maximizing performance which could potentially add to new job creation. We saw business process re-engineering gouge workforce rolls in the 90s by turning humans into robots and squeezing all creativity out of the workplace. It’s older sister, BPM, might be accused of the same thing. I’m clearly not an expert on these, but I do know e20 is about expanding human potential. It’s a strategy for growth and expansion, not working leaner and meaner.

  2. Zoli Erdos

    Susan, as for appearance, just wait for our new layout … one you’re familiar with 🙂