Dan Morrill works in Interactive Media and Cloud delivery systems for Comics Forge as the COO. He has been blogging since 2003 covering different emerging technologies, management and information security. Dan works as a founding member of a number of startups, including Startup Academy International and Dead Tree Comics. His interests are in intellectual property protection, piracy, and information security as it applies to cloud computing. He also has a deep interest in media, mobile computing, and education.. His personal blog is here,  his other pro-blog is here .

2 responses to “The Lego Internet”

  1. kinlane

    Great analogy! I like it. As a director of technology for a company I would call it Lego IT. 3rd party services and integration are rapidly become a larger part of my IT strategy.

    I think many IT managers are in denial about the importance of integrating 3rd party services and integrating into their IT plans. It is all just haphazard.

    On the flip side I agree with you that having a solid approach to Lego block building, either as widgets, API, otherwise is critical. You need to do one thing and do it really really well and there will be amazing opportunities for makers of special color or shaped blocks.

    I’m seeing 3rd party services on our platform moving quickly from about 1/3 of my operations to 1/2 of my operations. Emphasizing as you said the critical nature of these blocks being dependable.

    Great post….will ponder this analogy more.