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17 responses to “Gmail’s Most Ridiculous, Idiotic, Intrusive, Useless Feature Ever. Google Apps, Too.”

  1. Jerr

    Don´t agree. It´s useful for me at my company. So user frustration is not anonimous because you said so, you know.

  2. Luis Faceira

    I don’t agree at all!
    That feature has proven itself useful in multiple occasions for me!

    And it does have an opt-out; it’s just a suggestion, so if one does not like it, one doesn’t use it!

  3. Dan Keldsen

    It doesn’t automatically add people – it only suggests them. Not nearly as big a deal as you’re suggesting.

  4. Rose

    Jerr, Luis and Dan: It might be useful for you because chances are you don’t really write private, confidential emails. Or you’re not afraid that you may accidentally add somebody to a sensitive email because like I said you probably don’t write sensitive emails. You probably write emails that you’d publish on the internet for everyone to see. Good for you, but unfortunately for me I do write private emails. Sometimes they are “I love you honey but I’m afraid I don’t like your friend Timmy. He’s very nosy and he smells like cat piss. I know you like hanging out with him and I don’t mind you inviting him home either. But could you tell him to take a shower and not ask nosy questions? Or would you mind if I did? We could work out a strategy together.” I’ve finally had the courage to tell my husband how I feel about his friend Timmy and as I’m typing I see this ridiculous feature staring in my face asking if I’d like to include Timmy (because sometime in the past I HAD included Timmy on a just-for-laughs) but this is different. No, of course not, I don’t want to include Timmy, is this a joke?
    I cannot agree more with Zoli; this feature is utterly ridiculous, iditiotic and intrusive. I thought I hated the “People You May Know” feature on Facebook but this feature is so much worse; I hate it with a vengeance. Who created this feature? Maybe someone like Timmy did. Someone who silently hopes to accidentally be included into every conversation. Timmy, go away, please go away, go take a shower and stop being so inquisitive.
    “And it does have an opt-out; it’s just a suggestion, so if one does not like it, one doesn’t use it!” — Could you or someone, anyone please, please help me turn it off? I don’t know how to!

  5. Beat

    Don’t agree at all, using that feature often and don’t want to miss it any more, neither in business nor in private email (also send confidential email as well).

    The change that you choose the wrong recipient with autocomplete is quite higher then that you click on the link of any suggestion, at least that happened to me several times, including the times I’ve been using outlook.

    However, disabling that feature can make sense for some of the people, also those who are afraid of Google having them analysing their emails

  6. Augusto portugal

    Sorry, don’t agree at all. Very usefull for me. Agree on being a optional feature though…

  7. Suresh Sambandam

    Unfortunately, I have to disagree on this. This is a very useful feature and I use it time and again. It saves me lot of time thinking who are the potential people that need to be CC-ed. It is only a suggestion and you can chose to ignore it. 90% of my emails is business communication and only 10% or even less 5% is confidential type 1-1 emails. Given that split, this feature fits the 90% majority use cases.

  8. Derek

    I too found it useful sometimes… e.g. sending out an invite to a bunch of friends… as a reminder I may have forgotten someone!

  9. Peter Thomas

    Couldn’t agree more.


  10. patti

    This may be a feature many do like using. The big issue for me is google constantly ‘improving’ their sites and forcing their ideas on us with out the ability to turn things off if we aren’t interested. Seems so controlling to me and it always feels as if someone is reading over my shoulder. I am seriously considering dropping google altogether and using Facebook like so many others have done.

  11. mstaylor

    good bye gmail, hello lavabit
    good bye google search, hello duckduckgo

    for now I’m keeping my Google+ profile, but deleted all the pics and reset the default ‘share everything’ to ‘share nothing’ and not posting.

    I’m tired of being molested for my data.

  12. Jack

    This is such a stupid debate. Why would Google go from making this an option to forcing it down every users throat? Is there a single, good reason why they should force this down our throat rather than give us a choice?

  13. About-to-be-a-FORMER-user

    I don’t use it. I don’t want it. I don’t need it!

    If I wanted to add someone, I would do it. I completely agree it is INTRUSIVE and feels like a G-man (Google) is looking over my shoulder every damn time I write/send an email. So yeah I’m looking at a different email SERVICE – not some shove-it-down-your-throat corporation which has become the monster that ate the internet!

  14. Joe Brown

    If you want to know why Google Labs is disappearing, you only need to look at the “Consider Including” feature of Gmail. While a few fanboys just *looooooove* this feature, it is universally reviled as dangerous and insulting by pretty much everyone else. What’s most disturbing is the absolute silence from Google in the face of a tidal wave of user complaints. This is the hallmark of “jumping the shark”, when a prideful nincompoop decides, in the face of open rebellion from customers, to stick by a decision that nobody wants.

  15. Andy

    I hate this feature so much I am considering changing email addresses.

    It is shit, as you point out. How anyone can find it ‘OK’ I cannot comprehend.

    They’re not listening to users anymore – we’re all just $$$ to them.