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2 responses to “RIP: Google Health”

  1. Sai

    Hoping to be one of them .. 🙂

    This online PHR thingy as a business model, will likely work only when physician consultations and health records are tightly linked. Unless people start receiving medical advice using data from the record, it just becomes a data repository. There is no incentive for users to spend their time on a tool like this.

    Check out as an alternative. This is an attempt to bridge the two. It’s a humongous problem, but we have to continue to try.

  2. Varadh

    I agree the reasons for this not working is just that it is premature. The benefits are enormous with online health records with data portability. Physicians can actually deliver better care through this as, many a times, patient dont keep health records properly or take it to the doctors. With access to past records, a doctor’s job will be more productive leading to better health care. It can also add to cost-savings in many ways.

    Actually this can change the face of healthcare as it is today.

    As @sai says, it is true that when physician consultations and health records are linked, its value would be seen and will catch up. But there are too many ifs and buts there right now.

    Any product or service which is sort of stand-alone in healthcare doesnt seem to work. It has to invite and involve all with benefits and have to be clearly inter-linked.

    As of now, I feel this model can be used by hospitals with patient’s consent with access available to the the patient or to their respective doctors apart from the hospitals for a start and might work in a great way increasing adoption slowly and steadily.

    I am too sad to see this news as I feel this definitely can improve healthcare greatly.

    Request @cloudave to continue the monitoring and keep us, the readers, updated.