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Founder of We Wire People, Martijn has 15 years experience in the field of Integration, as an Architect working in and for Enterprises. He mainly advises in case of mergers, application rationalization and Cloud / Social Media back-office integration Martijn blogs at

3 responses to “Tibbr, the new OS. Integrating is the new Operating.”

  1. Steve Ardire

    Wow bold post and agree very impressive for enterprise deployments however as I commented at ZDNet also need integration with cloud, linked data, and semantic web.

  2. Jim Atshaw

    @Martijn Linssen
    Since when was Java an Operating System? How is Tibbr an Operating System? Do you know what an Operating System is? The launch video shows the system running the demos completely in browsers, not as a “new Operating System”. This HYPE is meaningless. Lack of correct use of technology descriptions removes your credibility.

  3. Martijn Linssen

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for that disagreement. J2EE is java and used /tried as an application server OS, and I know what an OS is: it operates a system.
    Maybe you take matters too literally – I’m not comparing Tibbr to Windows 7 here.

    What will be the platform for enterprises is outside-in integration, rather than inside-out one-size-fits-all app or system or “standard” or OS.

    Tibbr is not saying “adopt me, because I’m the new black, and all will adapt” as it’s been the mantra for decades. Tibbr says “use me, I’ll adapt to the wide-ranging, never-ending evolutionary diversity of your IT landscape”

    In that sense, Tibbr will become the system from which anyone can operate, enterprise-wide. Call it a portal if you like, or the new desktop: integration is the new operation

    Appreciate your further thoughts, thanks again