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6 responses to “Windows Live Microsoft Word Document UX vs. Google Docs UX”

  1. Erix

    Disclaimer: I have been recently recruited by MSFT. I’m just expressing my personal opinion here, based on my own experience.

    I used to be an Office desktop user, then a Google Doc user, then an Office 365 user.
    IMHO I prefer to first declare some attributes about my new file, before starting typing.
    I might be constrained by the way I used to work on my desktop. It just seems weird to me to start typing without classifying my doc and what I’m doing.

    Like you, I’m curious to know what others think.

    Regards, Erix.

  2. Aad 't Hart

    I’ve had simular discussions (in a bit different context) on this topic before. The first situation assumes the user knows exactly what they are going to write, while the second situation gives blank piece of paper als lets see.

    My personal preference is the second, because I usually only have a rough idea what to write and the idea slowly grows on me. I’ve also a habit of changing document names over time and I never share anything as soon as I start writing. My experiences with collaboration is that it works best if there is a rough idea to start from. I (or someone else) will first write some rough ideas and only then share the document.

    In other words, like the content the document name and sharing options are changing over the life time of the document


  3. Pavel Kandikov

    I like Google’s approach better. It is the same way desktop version of MS Word works – i open application and start writing the text. and only when i decide to save my work i have to choose document’s name.

  4. Andy Eccles

    So often, when I write a document, create a spreadsheet, or draw a diagram, I save it (go through the procedure of giving it a name, in line with a specific customer’s naming convention, and then later, having immersed myself in the document and really understood it’s presentation, I have to find the document through a file browser, and rename it to match my ‘new thoughts’ on the content.

    I’m firmly in camp #2.

  5. Andy Eccles

    How shameful – *its

  6. Adron

    At this point it seems like I’ve just done some free user research for Microsoft. 😉