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Lean, Kanban, Agile Pairing, TDD (sometimes test after) software architect and programmer. Worked with distributed (called cloud sometimes) computing services since 2007 using phat data (8 billion rows of data on an AVERAGE day, sometimes called big data) and everything from business intelligence to the nitty gritty of array structures inside file based data stores to create caching tiers for custom software needs. Currently pushing for distributed technologies & improving software architecture, better data centers, the best software development practices and keeping everything secure in the financial industry again. To see what I'm up to today, check out my blog at Composite Code.

2 responses to “The Good Parts, Patterns, and a Cookbook of Javascript”

  1. Steve Owens

    I have to agree with your reservations about JavaScript. I currently work with a rather large app that is primarily powered by JS, and it is not pretty. There is one important module that is large (over 14,000 lines) and confusing in its design. It relies a lot on internally-global variables to communicate state between functions and uses eval() liberally. Nobody wants to touch it. I shudder to think that Microsoft might be promoting HTML5/JavaScript as the way forward. This is not a land where Morts should dwell.

    Bottom line – there are too many ways to write bad code in JS, far more than in VB.

  2. Adron

    Absolutely. Hopefully it never becomes what the VB Mort circus become, but I wouldn’t doubt something else entirely is created. I really hope what does come out of the progressive minded though is great, because it sure can be with the language as it is and what is being built around it.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed! 😉