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2 responses to “Skype: Interop is a Waste of Time”

  1. Giovanni

    Supporting legacy systems is a distraction and Skype is right to ditch it and avoid wasting time. See how Apple constantly EOL products and people love it. I don’t think Skype should slow itself by focusing on PBX old stuff. The net results probably don’t justify it.

  2. Larry Lisser

    I agree with the comment above. For Skype – particularly under MSFT – to spend the energy required to truly become part of the enterprise and mid-market conversation (I’m talking about the IT decision maker, not the analyst) would be to create significant distraction from continuing to innovate and outright own the consumer online/mobile rich media communication market. Would be a shame to waste the lead they’ve built and with it the opportunity to find creative ways to monetize this unique audience.

    On the other hand, while PBX can be well categorized as ‘old stuff’, I do think there lies an opportunity in there for someone to deliver a standards-based screen based communication application that people can actually use, as they move from one screen to another. I’ve given up thinking that the desktop phone is going away anytime soon (the success of supply chain, from manufacturer to VAR, is too deeply connected to it) but I do believe that once a common, easy-to-ramp-on interface makes some inroads in the enterprise market we may finally see users spend less time on their desktop hardware. The incalculable growth of the tablet will see to this, if nothing else.

    But we cannot underestimate the power of the IT DM in these scenarios so it should go without say that anyone (Skype or other) who plans to succeed in this segment for screen based communication must appease them. ‘Consumerizing’ IT – a fascinating phenomena in itself – will create the opportunity, but still the IT people will be quicker to give in if the offer talks their language.