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2 responses to “If You Start Your Tweet with @name, Few Will See It”

  1. davemichels

    Good post, but let me add three more things.

    This can also work in your favor. For example, I am a bit more flippant with @replies – particularly to people that don’t have tons of followers.

    This feature also can serve as a nice filter. I used to follow a pair of folks that tweeted all the time to each other. I also noticed that if one tweeted something profound, the other always retweeted it. So now I only follow one. Improved signal to noise ratio.

    Lastly, it isn’t always true. Some twitter clients (HootSuite) follows the public stream instead of your personal stream. So if you use Hootsuite or PeopleBrowsr @replies are not filtered differently at all.

    Dave M – (pindropsoup)

  2. Will Hughes

    This will change when the new Streaming API from Twitter gets adopted by more clients.

    Clients using this will get all tweets from, and tweets in reply to a User they’re following.

    So, if you follow @a and @b, you will see all tweets from @a and @b, PLUS replies TO @a and @b

    If you’re an old-school Twitter user, you’ll remember the “With Friends” stream you used to see on someone’s profile page – that brings this functionality back if clients support it.

    It also lets clients deliver the old style “see all tweets from anyone you follow” setting that Twitter removed.

    I tweeted on it some on my blog.