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3 responses to “Ooma Phone Service Goes Down, So Does the Website. Company Sleeps Through It.”

  1. Cathy

    Just fyi… is down as well as Only sugarsync has said anything via Twitter thus far.

  2. Hobie Cooper

    While I understand the frustration of the author, I would like to point out 2 things:

    1) There are other ways to make a phone call. Cell phones, Skype, Google (free!) all provide alternatives. You could also go to the neighbor’s house and call. Relying on any one provider for phone service (other than AT&T landlines) is not reasonable in this day and age.

    2) My local Cable company has had multiple (8) outages this year that impacted their internet and VoIP phone services and also took out my Ooma service which depends on an available internet connection. They NEVER posted anything about their outage. Without internet or VoIP phone, I could not call nor look at their website for outage information.

    I never hear anyone complaining about the lack of immediate response from the Cable companies when their services go under for an hour or 2 or 3. To hold Ooma to a higher standard is just plain biased – or looking to sensationalize the issue to get traffic to your blog.

    Ooma has be a High Quality and Very Reliable service since their last major outage in April 2009. They learn from their mistakes and will undoubtedly learn from today’s event.

    Besides – was down for the same period of time but apple never put out a statement of explanation.