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  1. Michael
    August 19, 2011


    good points, fully agree with your analysis, but:

    the solution is already out there -> gmail with labels and prio inbox
    i solved it that way…


  2. Dave Livesey
    August 19, 2011

    Yep, I do EXACTLY what you have described. Priority inbox set up as follows:
    Top inbox is : all starred (need to make sure it is ALL starred rather than just “starred”. Middle one is “important”, bottom one is “everything else”.
    So if I read an email and it becomes a “to do” I simply click tloathe star and it jumps to the top. If I don’t need it, I either just leave it ( in which case it will just organically float downwards, or I hit the archive button to remove it immediately while still leaving it searchable.
    That way, I am only really ever needing to manage the starred items – my to do list

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